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International Theatre Day at Utopia Theatre

International Theatre Day at Utopia Theatre
27 Mar 18:00

International Theatre Day at Utopia Theatre

Playing History in the 21st Century: The Role of Performing Arts in a Troubled World

Location: The Creative Hub, Sheffield, S1 4JD

Date & Time: March 27, 2024, 6:00 PM

Dramatized Reading: A short reading from OSIRIS' LAST FEAST (Love and Colours in Delphi) by Lekan Balogun

Panel Discussion & Audience Interaction: A moderated discussion will follow, featuring insights from the panel and questions from the audience


  1. Ayo Ajayi (Theatre Producer, UK/Nigeria)
  2. Dr. Saheed Bello (Postdoc Fellow, African Studies, SOAS)
  3. Lanre AriAjia (Writer/Social Activist)
  4. Dr. Lekan Balogun - Moderator

Event Objectives:

The event aims to highlight the critical role of performing arts in engaging with global social and political issues, especially in times of civil unrest, political agitation, and violence. Through the lens of theatre, we explore how creative artists can lend their voices to address the challenges facing our world today.

This program promises to be a thought-provoking evening that not only celebrates the richness of theatrical expression but also underscores the importance of art as a medium for social dialogue and change.

We look forward to welcoming our guests to The Creative Hub for an unforgettable International Theatre Day celebration.

This event has ended