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Empower Your Creativity, Lead with Your Vision.

Explore, create, and lead in the world of theatre and beyond

About Utopia Theatre Youth Academy

Hey there!

Utopia Theatre's Youth Academy is like a creativity lab just for you! Imagine a place where your ideas lead the show, and you're the boss—pretty cool, right? It's all about making friends, getting your creative juices flowing, and learning how to bring your wild imaginations to life.

Guess what? The awesome folks at the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation are on board, making sure that kids and teens from all places and spaces can join in. Doesn't matter where you come from or what you're into, everyone's welcome in this creative journey.

Let's make something amazing together!

Programs Offered

Creative Leadership Workshops

Ever dreamed of directing your own play or leading a team on a creative quest? Our Creative Leadership Workshops are your chance! Dive into sessions where you call the shots, inspire others, and bring your ideas to life. It's your story; we're just here to help you tell it. Come lead with us!

Research and Development

Lights, camera, action! Join our Performance Projects to put on a show that could be the next big hit. Whether you're an actor, a set designer, or a script genius, your talent has a spotlight here. Let's create performances that'll have everyone cheering for an encore!

Skill Development Sessions

Want to boost your creative superpowers? Our Skill Development Sessions are like a gym for your talent. From acting chops to wizardry with tech, we're here to help you polish your skills to shine bright. Gear up for greatness and let your abilities soar!

Success Stories

Eli's story is one of transformation and courage. Six months ago, Eli stepped into the Utopia Theatre Youth Academy, a shy kid who preferred the shadows to the spotlight. At the academy, he found his tribe in the Creative Leadership Workshops, where he learned to channel his ideas into stories that resonated with others.

Through Performance Projects, Eli discovered his voice, and in Skill Development Sessions, he sharpened his speaking abilities. Each step forward was a victory over his timidity.

At the Utopia Theatre's 10th anniversary, it was Eli who held the mic, his voice steady and confident, recounting his journey to an audience of peers and theatre lovers. It was not just a speech; it was a declaration of his newfound belief in himself, thanks to the nurturing environment at the academy that champions every young person's potential.


Get ready to jump into some super cool workshops and masterclasses where the vibe is chill and the fun is serious!

Every Thursday, you can come and learn some amazing theatre stuff.

If you're 9-13 years old, join us from 5 - 7 pm, and if you're 14-19, it's your turn from 6 - 8 pm.

Plus, every month, you get to meet and learn from a real-deal theatre pro!

Don’t worry if you’ve never acted before—just bring your awesome self and get ready to shine, either on stage or behind the scenes.

Got questions or super excited to join?

Just call: 07479 699078 or email

And hey, we’ve got your travel costs covered if you need it.

Heads up though, spots are like gold dust, so it’s a race to sign up.

If they're all snapped up, no stress—we’ll pop you on our waiting list.

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Academy Contact Form

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