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African Theatre Community Ensemble

African Theatre Community Ensemble
30 Mar 12:00 event_repeat

African Theatre Community Ensemble

Join the Utopia Theatre Community Ensemble!

We are seeking passionate individuals to join our Community Ensemble, offering a unique opportunity to engage in theatre making and production. This call extends to enthusiasts from all backgrounds, skills, and experience levels. Participants will have the chance to engage in workshops, contribute to productions, and even pursue self-directed projects within the supportive environment of the Utopia Theatre Creative Hub.

Daily hourly drop-in sessions are scheduled to hold 29th and 30th March, 2024 between 12pm - 5pm at the Creative Hub, promising a platform for aspiring talents to shine.

Venue: The Creative Hub, 11 Rockingham Gate, S1 4JD.

Time Grouping:
12 - 1pm;
1 - 2pm;
2 - 3pm;
3 - 4pm;
4 - 5pm;

Please note: entry is permitted only within the first 15 minutes of each session.

This event has ended