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Directed by Mojisola Kareem

London Tales uses movement, spoken word, mime, sound effects, and a multinational/lingual cast to share (and make sense of) the experience of living in London.

In this fast-paced physical devised piece Utopia Theatre invite you to reflect on who we were, what we have become and where we are going… Over 8 million people share our city – a blur of lives we’ll never know. We rush past each other on the street, queue together in the supermarket and sit side by side on the tube. We may never have exchanged a word before, but now we are all here, waiting to tell you our stories.

London Tales invite you to encounter real-life stories told by the people who lived them. Each story, from the moving to the bizarre or comical. A series of inextricably linked stories is an image of London as a city of solitude and fantasy; even when people connect, it is in bizarre, unexpected ways.


“London Tales is an energetic and well-meaning work with a harmonious cast and clear talent behind it.” — ★★★
“The use of music, lighting, sets and movement of the dozen or so actors was commendable!” — ★★★★

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