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In this intriguing Masterclass, Professor Oni emphasises the importance of lighting design in theatre. He shares his hints and tips for lighting design in African theatre including the steps needed for creating a lighting plot for a show.

The secret to a successful show he tells us is understanding the collaborative nature of theatre. All designers need to understand the concept of the show, and the story that is being told. Designers need to know this from the beginning and not be added on as an afterthought. This is because the lighting designers need to understand the mood of a piece, where in any situation the direction light might be coming from, and how this light appears in connection with costume and set design. Those theatre creatives interested in light design need to understand themselves as theatre artists and that lighting is an artistic venture which is part of a collaborative process. Lighting designers need to have a sense of imagination, of make believe while at the same time appreciating the science of what can be achieved.

Professor Oni says that there is no short cut to success and that it is important to keep improving oneself. If you are interested in theatre then do learn about acting, dancing and other kinds of performance but it is also to your benefit to become familiar with some of the technical aspects of producing theatre, including, design and management.

Film 1 : Introductions
Film 2: What inspired you to become a theatre practitioner?
Film 3: How do you define African theatre? What are its origins?
Film 4: What are your thoughts on the advocacy for an African theatre vocabulary?
Film 5 : As a technical practitioner, tell us about the functions of stage lighting
Film 6: What are the properties of light?
Film 7: Tell us about your lighting design process
Film 8: What are your views on lighting as a performance tool?
Film 9: What are key factors for a successful production?
Film 10: What are your tips for a successful career in stage lighting?