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Professor Sowande gives important and straightforward advice for being a writer and for working in theatre. In this Masterclass Professor Sowande emphasizes the importance of reading as well as writing if you are to write plays. The two habits must be developed and without them, there can be no success. But prior to that Sowande says, there must be love. You must love the career, the work. ‘It is the love that will strengthen you to continue when you are feeling isolated.’

Another aspect of working in this field is acquiring and nurturing belief. It is not enough to believe in yourself if you surround yourself with people who do not believe in your project. The energy of naysayers is strong. Discuss your work only with those who are positive influences.

As a director, Sowande has nurtured great performances from actors and has advice for upcoming actors. ‘Pay attention to your speech’, he believes that the standard of speech among actors is falling. Voice coaches can be very helpful in an actor’s career.

Film 1: Introductions
Film 2: What are your tips for a successful career in creative writing?
Film 3: What is the purpose of drama?
Film 4: Where does your inspiration to write a play come from?
Film 5 : Tell us about how you develop plot
Film 6 : What are your tips for writing great dialogue?
Film 7 : What makes a great actor?
Film 6 : What should be African theatre's response to the COVID pandemic?
Film 7 : Final Words