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Dr Ekua Ekumah is a performer and academic who in this Masterclass emphasises the craft of acting. She discusses the importance of wannabe actors to cultivate a mindset of constant practice and reflection on the craft. The idea of homework is important to building one’s craft and she takes us on a step-by-step guide to reading a play script. Crucial to acting, she tells us, is to know who you are – to be familiar with the strengths and limitations of your voice, body, and the techniques at your disposal. To overcome the fear of being judged she says to try to turn your vulnerability into strength. Be comfortable being you.’

Dr Ekumah also discusses what makes African theatre distinctive and a rich source for creative innovation. She talks at length about the differences between acting for stage, as opposed to screen. Her vision for the future includes creating a theatre company in Ghana whose work is aimed at children.

Film 1: Introductions
Film 2: Tell us about your foray into performance
Film 3: What experiences have shaped your acting practice?
Film 4: What kind of mindset is needed to have a successful acting career?
Film 5: Give us some audition tips
Film 6: How can you enrich your practice as an actor?
Film 7: How do you prepare for a role?
Film 8: How do you embody character?
Film 9: Tell us about your views on the use of space, movement, and non-verbal communication.
Film 10: Is there any difference between the way acting is taught in Ghana and the way it is taught in the UK?
Film 11: What makes an African theatre performer unique?
Film 12: How do you see theatre in the round, as opposed to other form of stage configurations?
Film 13: Do you have any fears and insecurities as a performer, and if so, how do you overcome them
Film 14: What is the difference between acting on stage and acting for the screen?
Film 15: Tell us a bit more about your artistic journey
Film 16: What future do you see for African theatre in the Digital age