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Kemi Coker is an actor and theatre deviser. Coker has described herself as someone whose life has been greatly enriched by theatre. ‘Youth theatre saved my life’ she says in her Masterclass. Her advice to young people is to be aware of the enormous amounts of energy they possess and to ‘make sure you find a way to channel that energy towards something positive.’

Coker believes that being a professional actor requires persistence and the ability to learn from mistakes. She talks about the importance of having a thick skin to bear rejection and maintain confidence. Enjoying the work is important too! Preparation for taking on a role is crucial and without sufficient preparation, the work is harder. ‘Always have something extra in your back pocket, Coker advises. There are times when you go to an audition, and you read for the part, but they may also ask you to do a monologue. Make sure you have one ready.

Film 1: Introductions

Antonia introduces themself and tells us a bit more about their background.

Film 2: What inspired you to become an actor

Antonia talks about their early carreer and how they ended up pursuing acting as an art form.

Film 3: What are the early experiences that shaped your career?

Antonia discusses their foundational early experiences that directed their future career and helped them decide what they wanted to be. .

Film 4: Tell us about the training or midset an actor needs to succeed

Antonia shares wisdom on the attitude needed to become an actor.

Film 5: What is the most difficult thing in acting?

Antonia talks about some of the ways you can improve your practice as an actor.

Film 6: Tell us about the do's and don't of auditions

Antonia shares some tips and tricks on what to do in the audition room

Film 7: How do you enrich your acting experience?

Antonia introduces themself and tells us a bit more about their background.

Film 8: Give us some tips to become a succesful actor

Antonia discusses what brings success in the acting world

Film 9: How do you prepare for a role?

Antonia discusses their process in getting ready for playing a character.

Film 10: How do you embody character?

Antonia discusses their process and how they become the characters in their work

Film 11: How do you communicate naturalness on stage?

Antonia talks about how to appear natural on stage when playing a character.

Film 12: How do you bring text to life?

Antonia explains how they work with the text to help it leap off the page and onto the stage.

Film 15: Do actors have a responsibility to the audience?

Antonia discusses the considerations they make toward the audience

Film 16: As an actor, what is your relationship with costume and props?

Antonia explores the role of costume and props to developing character.

Film 17: What is unique about the African theatre performer?

Antonia discusses what distinguishes the African theatre performer from their Western counterpart.

Film 18: How do you see theatre in the round, as opposed to other forms of stage configuration?

Antonia discusses performing in the round and what it can bring to a show

Film 19: What acting techniques have you found most useful in your career?

Antonia discusses the most useful acting techniques from her artistic career.

Film 20: Do you have any fears and insecurities and if so, how do you overcome them?

Antonia discusses the role of fears and challenges in her career.

Film 21: What are the differences between acting on stage and acting for screen?

Antonia discusses the unique aspects of performing for theatre compared to performing for TV and Film.

Film 22: What are your views on the importance of voice training?

Antonia discusses how developing the voice can improve your craft as an actor

Film 23: Take us through your process for script breakdown and learning lines

Antonia explains how they approach learning lines and developing their understanding of the script.

Film 24: What are your views on preparation and rehearsals?

Antonia gives advice on rehearsing and preparing for a role.

Film 25: If you could give yourself advice as a 20-year-old, what would you say?

Antonia shares some wisdom for those at the start of their creative journey.

Film 26: What has been your experience as a Black actor in the theatre industry?

Antonia explores the role of systemic racism and exclusion in British theatre and what is needed to change this trend.

Film 27: Share with us some of your performance experiences in Africa

Antonia shares some personal experiences of performing in Africa and how that has impacted her work.

Film 28: What are the rules for telling a story?

Antonia shares their guidelines for creating a story and technique for discovering ‘fresh’ narrative

Film 29: What is characterisation?

Antonia explores characterisation and the challenges it can raise.

Film 30: Tell us more about your play ‘Zhe

Antonia discusses their recent play, ‘Zhe, and the work behind it.

Film 31: What was your experience with ‘Zhe’?

Antonia speaks more on their experience working on the production, Zhe.

Film 32: Is it an actor's job to entertain the audience?

Antonia explores the role of the actor and their obligations to the audience.

Film 33: Any more stories about your experience?

Antonia shares some more personal stories from their time as an actor

Film 34: How would you define African Theatre?

Antonia explains their definition of what African Theatre is

Film 35: Share some of your experiences on the tour of Things Fall Apart by Biyi Bandele

Antonia discusses their first experience working on an African production.

Film 36: What do you think about African theatre and current voices of African Diaspora in the performing arts

Antonia assesses the current leading voices in African theatre and emphasises the value of seeking out African stories in your personal practice

Film 37: What does authenticity mean to you?

Antonia explores what it means to truly be authentic

Film 38: What is the future of African theatre in the digital age?

Antonia predicts how technology will affect the future of African Theatre.

Film 39: Tell us about the power of theatre

Antonia discusses the importance of theatre and what makes it so powerful

Film 40: What has been the impact of race racism on black people working in the theatre world?

Antonia explores the impact of racism on being a Black Theatremaker today.