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In this superb Masterclass by actor, director, and writer, Anni Domingo we are treated to among other lessons, step-by-step guidance for actors from audition through to performance. Domingo has been performing on stage, in film, on television, and on the radio for over three decades. In this interview, she discusses her lifelong love of performing and what it was like for her in drama school. Domingo stresses the importance of preparation and research in the work of an actor and invites the would be professionals to hone their craft and to consider their skills and learning as items in a figurative ‘toolbox.’ An important part of being an actor is the adoption of resilience and learning to push past fear.

Another feature of this Masterclass is Domingo’s discussion about the importance of finding out ‘who has been there before you’. For her, the fact that she understood the legacy of those who had come before her allowed her to find belonging in an industry that has not always been welcoming to Black actors. Here are some questions for you to consider:

Film 1: The secret to the longevity of my acting career
Film 2: My Journey in Theatre 1
Film 3: My Journey in Theatre 2
Film 4: The things that you fear are the things that could take you to a higher sphere
Film 5: Develop successful collaborations
Film 6: Passing the baton
Film 7: Honing your Craft
Film 8: Preparing for auditions
Film 9: Preparing for rehearsals
Film 10: Analysing the text
Film 11: Research
Film 12: Working with a Director
Film 13: Working with other actors
Film 14: In the world of joyful acting
Film 15: Coming together as a community
Film 16: Collaboration
Film 17: Resilience
Film 18: Respect
Film 19: Preparation
Film 20: Black Lives Matter
Film 21: The danger of a single story
Film 22: Actors as storytellers