About Us


Utopia Theatre Company Limited is a black led professional theatre company founded to produce and tour reinterpretations of classic plays, new writing and plays from and about the African diaspora.

Utopia Theatre  is a company limited by guarantee. It was founded in 2011 by Moji Kareem.

Utopia productions are the result of sustained collaborative effort to synthesize sound, music, image, dance, movement, storytelling and text. We are committed to developing new writing and giving black and ethnic minority actors the opportunity to hone their craft on stage.

Our work follows these basic ideas:

• It is important to develop unique experiences for audiences by creating original works and adaptations that push the boundaries of modern storytelling.

• No story can be told in the modern theatre without a fully-realised conceptual design that guides every aspect of a production.

• Dedication to using technology and multidisciplinary arts to increase the impact of our storytelling.

• Live theatre is the best way to tell a story, and we view each of our projects as a chance to bring new audiences to the theatre. We reach out to and challenge new audiences by choosing non-traditional subject matter that challenges established ideas of what theatre is capable of.

• The work is about taking risks, aesthetically and physically, about breaking down the barriers between dance and theatre.

• That our work is accessible to as wide an audience as possible.

• That we deliver theatre at its highest, most raw, unflinching and entertaining form.

• That members of the audience do not feel a mere spectator, but to be at the very center of the play.

• That images matter as much as words and words as much as images.



Utopia Theatre is always seeking new members who are interested in the future activity of the company, if you would like to express an interest please email: utopiatiata@gmail.com
Meet our team
Utopia Theatre is a Company in Residence at Sheffield Theatres.  Utopia Theatre is a Company Limited by Guarantee.