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In this inspiring Masterclass Jahman Anikulapo describes himself as a cultural communicator whose career has spanned theatre, television, film, and journalism. As an artist, he tells us, you must produce. ‘In spite of the environment, despite whether or not you get approval. Art is a very jealous thing, demanding commitment, and great attention to detail. It allows no distractions.’

The goal in theatre is to reach a moment of catharsis and that catharsis must impact on people, on the audience. And to do that as an actor you have to start with talent, then add skills which you acquire through training, then the discipline you have for yourself, and the discipline imposed on you by the people that influence you in the profession. You need commitment to your work and to working with others and through all of that you need to be self-motivated to continue to learn and grow.

According to Anikulapo in African society, an artist is a catalyst for social change who works to help create a better society. After studying this interview consider the following points.

Film 1: Introductions
Film 2: Tell us more about your journey into the theatre
Film 3: What are the things that inspire your work?
Film 4 : Do you consider the audience in your creative process?
Film 5 : What is the mindset an artist should have for a successful career?
Film 6 : Tell us about your inspiration for your theatre practice
Film 7: What are the attributes of a great actor?
Film 8: What are your thoughts on asking artists to specialise in one aspect of practice?
Film 9: What is the future of African theatre in the digital age?
Film 10: What is the role of the artist in an African environment?