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In this brilliant Masterclass on acting Dr Sotimirin emphasizes the importance of discipline and commitment to the creative process. What is needed he says is a full and personal understanding of the script and the role of your character in it. For himself he works best on his own at night – reading, researching, thinking, learning lines and in general getting to internalise the story within himself. For him, being an actor is being a good storyteller and to be a good storyteller one needs to have discipline from within yourself, adopt the discipline of your profession, be committed, resourceful, and be willing to re-think your assumptions. You must remain relevant, acknowledge the sensibilities of different audiences. But most of all, he cautions, you must be humble. Humility opens doors and minds. Be willing to listen and learn from everyone.

Film 1: Introductions
Film 2: What mindset does an actor need to be successful?
Film 3: Tell us about your creative process
Film 4: Do you consider the audience in your creative process?
Film 5: What are your thoughts on costume and props?
Film 6: What makes African theatre performances unique?
Film 7 : What are your views on theatre in the round as opposed to other stage configurations?
Film 8: What acting technique has served you best in your career?
Film 9: Do you have fears and insecurities as a performer and if so, how do you overcome them?
Film 10: How do you communicate naturalness in your acting?
Film 11: What are the attributes of a good storyteller?
Film 12: What are the most important lessons you have learnt in your career?
Film 13: How do you approach script breakdown and learning large lines?
Film 14: What is your process for embodying character?
Film 15: How do you develop a professional working relathionship with directors?
Film 16 What advice would you give to young actors?