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Iyalode of Eti at Ake Festival. Abeokuta. Nigeria

Iyalode of Eti at Ake Festival. Abeokuta. Nigeria



           Iyalode of Eti – Regional Tour of Yorkshire

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 The Duchess of Malfi (Iyalode of Eti) -Work In Progress Sharing


September 2015, Arcola Theatre and Rich Mix, London

Iyalode of Eti is a unique West African transposition of one of the greatest dramas ever written, John Webster’s The Duchess of Malfi.

The recently widowed Iyalode, a young, beautiful chief longs to marry her low-born lover, Oguntade. Her brothers vehemently forbid it, but Iyalode secretly marries and gives birth. If the brothers discover the deceit, a trail or torture, torment, betrayal and murder could follow…


London Tales

Winter 2015, The London Theatre, CLF Art Cafe aka Bussey Building, Lost Theatre and Rich Mix

!cid_ii_14d83628c27cf243A fast paced physical devised piece reflecting on who we were, what we have become and where we are going…

Over 8 million people share our city – a blur of lives we’ll never know. We rush past each other on the street, queue together in the supermarket and sit side by side on the tube. We may never have exchanged a word before, but now we are all here, waiting to tell you our stories.

London Tales invite you to encounter real-life stories told by the people who lived them. Each story, from the moving to the bizarre or comical. A series of inextricably linked stories, it is an image of London as a city of solitude and fantasy; even when people connect, it is in bizarre, unexpected ways.

The dialogues somehow remind the audience about their history. It questions the present and may invoke the need for an urgent dialogue about the future.


7 November 2014 at The London Theatre (Lewisham Fringe Festival)

9 January 2015 at CLF Art Cafe, The Bussey Building, Peckham

13-17 January 2015 at Lost Theatre

14 February 2015 at Rich Mix, Shoreditch


This Is Our Chance

Winter 2013, The Cultural Centre, Calabar

1506727_581862358554423_503245921_nSet in the rural African community of Koloro. Princess Kudaro has fallen in love with Ndamu, prince of the neighbouring village of Udura and both have decided to elope to get married. The lovers’ flight not only flies in the face of custom and tradition, it relights age-old tribal animosities between the two communities. As the two Kingdoms prepare to go to war, emotions and reality force both communities to come to face and to deal with the darker and more negative aspects of their cultures. An African retelling of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Performed 13 December 2013 at Cultural Centre, Calabar, Nigeria.

Produced in association with The James Ene Henshaw Foundation and The Cross River State Carnival Commission.


The Shepherd’s Chameleon

Spring 2013, CLF Art Cafe, The Bussey Building. Peckham

dJUjNxs8Wk__WJ4DeZ5WlAlBPul76WJ2l_kQUkMu9Q8Written by the man who turned the world of comedy upside down, Eugene Ionesco, we escaped the drudgery of everyday austerity and embrace the mad cap world of absurdist comedy. In this fast paced physical production, the playwright is the shepherd and the world of theatre a chameleon. Ionesco took on his theatrical critics in a ridiculous battle of wits.

Performed 8-25 May 2013 at CLF Art Cafe, The Bussey Building, Peckham.

Produced in association with The Bussey Building.